Yearly Archives: 2015

Rapist, Thieves, and Criminals?

Many of you have heard about the recent controversy over Donald Trump’s statements concerning immigrants, during one of his presidential campaign speeches. Trump bombarded the viewers with an array of inflammatory remarks concerning immigrants, with an intense focus on Mexico, South, and Central America.  We know these are areas where the majority of the population…
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Esau is becoming an endangered species

A recent article has now exposed that more Edomites (so-called whites) are dying then being born. This falls in line with the prophecy of Obadiah where the Most High pronounced that he would cut off the seed of Edom and none would remain. Obadiah vrs.18 And the house of Jacob shall be a fire,…
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Supreme Court rules in favor of Same-Sex Marriages!

In typical fashion of Spiritual Babylon and Sodom, the US Government is pushing it's way into the realms of prophecy and judgement.  We should have known when Bruce Jenner was on every magazine, and television headline with the wicked promotion of his "interview special" declaring himself as a woman that something was around the corner…
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