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What’s Wrong With Saying Amen? The answer to this controversial question amongst the Israelite community is nothing…there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying Amen! Utilizing the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, amen translates from the Hebrew word AMAN (refer to #H539 in your concordance) in which you will see multiple contextual meanings such as to believe, be…
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The True Date Passover 2016?

When is Passover 2016? This is a question asked by many of you with the desire to keep the Passover feast correctly.  This determination is vital because the month and day that is determined for the Passover will in fact affect the rest of the holy days for the entire year.  So it very important…
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How are you holding off in this concrete wilderness? Would you consider yourself worthy of entering in to the promise land? Are you at all aware that you are living through your "40 year trial period?       When you read about the wilderness in the Bible many think of that 40 year period…
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