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“And he said it is a light thing that thou shouldest be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob… Isaiah 49:6”

Our Mission is to teach the knowledge of identity and repentance to the 12 lost tribes of Israel, the so-called Negro, Hispanic, and Native American Indians of Negro and Indian descent scattered throughout the Americas and the four corners of the earth (James 1:1, Baruch 2:30).  In a corrupt world dominated by wickedness and hate, many untruths and misconceptions about the knowledge of the Heavenly Father is taught and believed. Through the spirit of Christ, True Nation armors those truly seeking righteousness with the proper tools and ammunition needed to stand strong against the evil wiles of Satan (II Cor 2:11, 1 Peter 3:8).  We labor without ceasing to build and sharpen men to be new, responsible and righteous men of God while simultaneously building the women of our nation to be the virtuous woman of God.  The Elders and teachers of True Nation have committed their lives to the gathering and upliftment of God’s chosen people. With extensive research and study in biblical, world history, anthropology, science, theology, and foreign languages, we continuously travel the earth teaching the true doctrine of Christ enlightening the world with the true knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the Most High God (Jeremiah 3:15).

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  • Tazayawan
    Age: 51

    Only by the Most High’s mercy did I come into...

  • Izar
    Age: 51

    The Most High awoke me to the truth in the...

  • Ash Napash
    Age: 51

    As I was growing up, I always had questions in...

  • Yatab
    Age: 51

    I was enlightened and received the spirit of understanding in...

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Repentance and Serve the Most High

We serve the only true Creator and we teach that the laws of the Bible must be kept.  Many have been deceived to believe that the laws no longer have to be followed, that is not true.  Acts 17:30, Matt 5:17, Jn 14:15, 1Jn 2:3-4,

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Uplifting Our Nation

We aim to build up men and women to be righteous, dutiful and responsible towards the Most High and our Nation

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Knowledge of the scriptures

We teach the knowledge of God along with the nationality of the Israelites.

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