Have you ever wondered why it feels as though the odds are against you? In this article we’ll briefly discuss some of the reasons that are the cause for those feelings. Hopefully this will help open your eyes to the world that you are living in.

 Remember nothing in this world is a “coincidence”.  The Most High God of Israel allows everything to take place (Dan. 2:20-22; I Sam. 2:6-8).  Many think that God is all LOVE and do not understand what true love really is (John 14:15; I John 5:3).  Many say God doesn’t hate (Proverbs 6:16-19).  Statements like this clearly indicate that these individuals either don’t read, pick and choose what to believe (1 Tim5:21) or simply don’t understand the Holy Scriptures (Amos 3:7; Acts 5:29).  YHWH always makes everything very clear.

I Corinthians 14:33; “For God is not the author of confusion…”

 When he made the covenant with our forefathers, he presented them with all that was required of them (Deuteronomy Ch. 5), which was to simply be obedient to his laws and love one another (Mat. 22:37-40).  Once you get into our history you will realize how Israel began to err from the path commanded by the Almighty.  Our people decided to go their own way (Isa. 30:9-13), which eventually landed us in captivity.  The Babylonian captivity followed by the Persians and Medes, continuing with the Grecians, then the Romans and the present captivity we are in, is an off shoot from the Romans… America!

torahtorah2TenCommandmentsStonePICKING LAWS

captive-mapbabylonian captivityroman2american captivity


Now understand the so called Black man didn’t choose to come to this country by their own will. When you think about it before we were thrown in slave ships we had knowledge of this being prophesied since the days of Moses (Deut. 28:64, 68), and understood that this would occur to Israel if we didn’t abide by the laws of YHWH.

Here we will quickly revisit the making of a black slave through the Willie Lynch letter and see how the principals used then are still affecting our communities to this day. For a clear understanding please read the attachment before continuing.


*The breaking of a Negro Male:

In this process the Male was deprived from his natural state and nature. Where a man was self-sufficient, the provider, overseer and head of his family (1st Cor. 11:3), here he was degraded and separated from his family with no say (Deut. 28:30; 32). No different than what happens today. Most of us are raised in single parent households, a consequence of our disobedience (Deut. 28:54).  In early colonial America the male figure if presented to be of strong character was considered a threat.  Through gruesome torture his spirit was broken, robbed and his will to resist vanished, causing for his family to be raised with no direction and to fend for themselves.  Similar to the high unemployment rates, and over populated jail systems we suffer from today. Once an individual has any type of case with the law it becomes almost impossible for that person to acquire a job.  As a result most of our male figures resort to illegal means of survival. Keeping our youth in that deprived hopeless state.

tupac death1  slaveship  POLICE BRUTALITY 4  POLICE BRUTALITY 2

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*The breaking of the Negro Female:

Although the first step was to destroy the male image, the main point was to cause the female to be completely dependent and submissive to the slave master or anybody in a position of authority except her husband. She would become the main tool to create the reverse roles in the house hold. Raising her male offspring to be completely dependent, feeble minded, with no heart or desire to revolt against the unnatural living conditions they were forced to live in, for fear of his life. Basically “keep the body take the mind”, you can still see this taking place today in sports and cheap labor. They made them believe that this was their position in life, instilling in them the notion that the white race was superior and they are inferior.  We see through the media’s examples that black characters get killed off first, given least important roles, depicted as lazy, only good for entertainment, given the negative role ex: dead beat dads, thief, murderer, drug dealer, thugs and pimps.  They even perpetrate religious figures like Jesus and every other important character in the Bible as white.  In regards to history, not much is taught on true History. Black history month is given the shortest month of the year and even then we are taught as though black history began with slavery and every other major event the so-called black, Hispanic, and Native American of Indigenous descent had no part in it.  The educational system we are taught to be good workers, end up in debt through school loans before acquiring a job) that the dominant race is white.

On the flip side the female offspring is taught to be independent, by having: positions in the work force, have no need for a man, but still dependent on “massa” ex: EBT, G.R., Crystal Stairs, Section 8, W.I.C., Single mother educational grants, home loans and other things of this sort.

Jer. 31:22; “How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth,  A woman shall compass a man.”

woman surpass 1 woman surpass 3 woman surpass

All this is granted to them by the government “Modern day slave owner” as long as there is no male figure in the household. These single mother families are given enough to get by without aspiring for more.  The next generation is raised with the same mentality causing for “the orbiting cycle that turns on its own axis” to continue, thus the outcome we have nowadays: kids that show no respect to parents much less to elder figures, no discipline, no morals, self-hate, lack of common sense, no discretion, no motivation, slothfulness, identity crisis, no sense or care of history, no value or respect for their Nation and worst of all no knowledge or faith towards a higher power that rules over them.


In conclusion whether or not you believe this letter to be authentic or written by Willie Lynch back in 1712, the methods described in it were indeed part of the slave treatment. Similar methods were also used throughout the rest of the Americas with the rest of the Israelites, which you could still observe in today’s society. Most importantly it proves that the house of Israel and YHWH fulfilled that part of prophesy that was foretold millenniums prior to it taking place. Now that phenomenon greatly feared by the white race is in full motion. Our people are now recalling who they really are and how much we gave up through our disobedience. Slowly but surely we are returning to our natural state, language, nationality, history, laws, identity, and God.

puppet world  puppet 2  Now it’s up to you to choose whether you want to continue to be their puppet and a victim of their agenda or identify yourself to who you truly are, a Hebrew Israelite. That is if you are one…


Rom. 8:16 “The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:” 


Rom. 13:11 “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.”




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  1. evidenceunseen
    Beautiful article ahch, these are the awakening factors of truth to remind our people of the everyday conditions they experience on a daily basis, unknowingly.
    Explosive! Pretty much answers the questions who, what, why and when for our people!

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