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The True Date Passover 2016?

When is Passover 2016? This is a question asked by many of you with the desire to keep the Passover feast correctly.  This determination is vital because the month and day that is determined for the Passover will in fact affect the rest of the holy days for the entire year.  So it very important…
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The Judgments of God “Diseases”

Psalms 107:17 "Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted." Foolish people that transgress the laws of the Most High become afflicted with painful diseases of all sorts.  People fail to realize that it is the Most High that has power over all plagues and diseases. Revelation 16:11 "And blasphemed the…
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Virgin Birth EXPOSED ebook Now Available!

The truth of one of the oldest doctrines ever taught that single handedly changed the belief system of Christianity for centuries is finally revealed.  You will never be deceived as this book will completely dismantle the virgin birth heresy   Download the ebook now! Your donations are greatly appreciated. Make a Donation DOWNLOAD NOW
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