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Diligence: The Spirit of Care and Perseverance

Diligence can mean the difference between life and death, or destruction and construction.  Both of which is determined by how much diligence you either have or lack. To get a better understanding, let us examine the definition of the word diligence. Using the Merriam Webster Dictionary, diligence is defined as followed: Definition of DILIGENCE :  persevering…
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Sexting: Private Pleasure, Public Spectacle

Although most of us feel as if we have a good idea about what sexting is, many are still unaware as to the true meaning and how widespread sexting is among this generation. “Sending racy (causing ​slight ​shock because ​sex is ​mentioned or ​suggested) texts to love interests or significant others has become an integral part of 21st century dating…
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Rapist, Thieves, and Criminals?

Many of you have heard about the recent controversy over Donald Trump’s statements concerning immigrants, during one of his presidential campaign speeches. Trump bombarded the viewers with an array of inflammatory remarks concerning immigrants, with an intense focus on Mexico, South, and Central America.  We know these are areas where the majority of the population…
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The Law Was Before Moses

          There are many people who read the bible and believe that the laws and commandments that Moses received and was instructed to teach the Israelites were first given to Moses and never existed prior to the Israelites exiting Egypt.  This concept is also what attributes to some people believing Moses…
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