Farrakhan Reveals that Blacks are Israelites

Lately we have been coming across some of our brothers and sisters that profess the religion of Islam, mainly affiliates of the Nation of Islam (NOI).  I would like to revisit an article we posted a few years ago on our forum where the Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Farrakhan admitted that the blacks in America are the actual Israelites of the Bible.  The Hebrew Israelites or as some say “Black Israelites” have been teaching this since the early 1900s. This acknowledgment by Farrakhan was posted on the front cover of the NOI newspaper the “Final Call” back in 2010.  Farrakhan has been loosely entertaining this subject for almost 20 years.  If you listened to his speech at the first “Million Man March” back in 1995 you will hear his many parallels of the struggles of the biblical Israelites with those of the Negros in America.  He quotes many scriptures from the bible that says the Israelites were God’s chosen people and the negroes in America were “THOSE PEOPLE”.   From thence he has made several indications of blacks being Jews and that the Europeans calling themselves Jews and living in Israel today are in fact not the REAL Jews.  Then in 2010 an edition of the Final Call newspaper headline reads “Blacks True Children of Israel” and the article is edited as though he had a special revelation and was given this understanding by Allah.  Many Muslims support Farrakhan’s new given revelation but fail to acknowledge themselves as Israelites. (WTH!!!)  The Bible has long ago foretold of the capture, enslavement and struggle of the Israelites in America (Babylon) and also speaks of the greatest revolution and kingdom overthrow (America).  It is a proven fact that the Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans are the descendants of the Israelites and now Farrakhan also endorses this truth.  But why won’t he compel his followers to acknowledge themselves as Israelites rather than black Muslims?  A Muslim is not a race of people and “black” is the term given to the negroes during slavery which Farrakhan and his predecessors know and understand.   Why tip toe around the truth?  Its obvious why.  Such an announcement and transformation will shatter the faith of many “black” muslims and will cause them to begin to seek and read the book that was taboo for many of them…The Bible.  Shouldn’t it seem odd that a leader that professes the religion of Islam and supposedly stands firm by the Quran (holy book of Islamic followers) would quotes scripture after scripture from the bible?  What does the Bible have that the Quran doesn’t?   For one, All of the prophecies of the struggle of the black man and his physical and mental enslavement is found in the accounts of the bible.  The revelation of the negroes being Israelites can only be proven through biblical records, need I say more?  The Quran mentions the Children of Israel being Allah’s (God) chosen people to whom the divine revelations of God were revealed.  The Biblical writings with many dating 1500 years before the inception of Islam does not mention Islam as any extension of God’s words neither refers to any outside records to support it’s content.  But remains firm and precise within itself.  Because so called “Christianity” has perverted the teachings of the Bible many steer away from the biblical scriptures.  This hasn’t discouraged Farrakhan in the least as he still quotes a great deal from the scriptures in his lectures as his predecessors did before him.  Many of the NOI do not study the Bible thoroughly to discern what is being quoted and I have found it even more disturbing that many don’t study the Quran diligently either.  We ask Muslims, “what surah proves that the Israelites are the Negros in America ?” In my 20 years in this knowledge I have yet to receive a surah from a Muslim substantiating this proof or find one for myself in my own studies.  The scriptures say “you can do nothing against the truth but for the truth”(2 cor 13:8).  Whatever reason Farrakhan had to reveal this information is still another point for the Bible as this should raise the curiosity of NOI followers to seek out and verify the statements of their leader and they will have to go to the Bible to do so.   Others in support of the bible will see the power of the words of the scriptures and how National leaders must hold the bible in their clutches to get their point across.  Either way, it’s a WIN – WIN.  “Come on Louis, you’re at the door of your history just walk on in.”

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  1. TheHebrew
    shalom Fam: Very good article.
  2. bvaraun
    This article possessed a lot of thought provoking questions and was easy to understand.

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