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Supreme Court rules in favor of Same-Sex Marriages!

In typical fashion of Spiritual Babylon and Sodom, the US Government is pushing it's way into the realms of prophecy and judgement.  We should have known when Bruce Jenner was on every magazine, and television headline with the wicked promotion of his "interview special" declaring himself as a woman that something was around the corner…
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Rise of the Effeminates

          As the government passes laws allowing homosexuality to prosper, the plan to feminize the Israelite man is prevalent in our communities.  One of the cleverest ways they instill a feminine mind state into the Negro and Latino man is by causing him to wear feminine clothing.  This starts with celebrity…
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Farrakhan Reveals that Blacks are Israelites

Lately we have been coming across some of our brothers and sisters that profess the religion of Islam, mainly affiliates of the Nation of Islam (NOI).  I would like to revisit an article we posted a few years ago on our forum where the Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Farrakhan admitted that the blacks…
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