As I was growing up, I always had questions in regards to many things that didn’t seem to add up.  I was constantly questioning teachers, the ‘system’ and even my parents, but no solid answer would ever be presented.  As a youth I attended bible classes, but any time I had questions the teacher would not have answers.  The church was no different than the Los Angeles Unified School District pushing a set curriculum to indoctrinate the masses. Psalms 83:3 “They Have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and have consulted against thy hidden ones.”  Then one day the Most High introduced me to some brothers at a park in the San Fernando valley that were teaching the Word.  At first I had my doubts but as they continued to present fact after fact and proving all things, I had to go back home and really meditate on what I was presented.  I continued to meet with them and attend class.  Thanks to Yahawa and Yahawashi from that point on I was convinced of who I was and what my mission as an Israelite consisted of.  From the time that the Most High caused me to exist I will continually teach our nation who we are and what the Lord requires of us to be considered for his promises. 2nd Esdras 9:11-12 “11. And they that have lothed my law, while they had yet liberty, and, when as yet place of repentance was open unto them, understood not, but despised it; 12. The same must know it after death by pain.” Wake up Israel time is short!