I grew up knowing that there was a higher power but how to truly reverence him and honor him was a long lost journey.  After failed attempts with the religious church system, abiding by my own ways, collecting knowledge on black history, Islam, Five Percenters and countless other doctrines (2 Tim 3:7), in 1995  a couple brothers i knew started proclaiming themselves to be "black Jews" and "God's Chosen People" and they  approached me at the park where we all used to play ball and hang out at desiring to share their understanding. I quickly brushed it off as nonsense and continued running the streets and chasing the illusion of what life was supposed to be as defined by the world.  It finally hit me as I was taking a religious studies class and my final assignment was to research a religion previously unknown to me and do an in-depth report on it.  Well hey what was more strange than the brother's I knew claiming to be Jews!? I went to one class and was blown away.  I heard the voice of Yahawashi/Jesus Christ (John 10:27) and haven't looked back since. Been a long journey even until this day there have been many highs and lows, trials, tribulations and triumphs living this word over the last 19 years. I pray to endure until the end.