The Most High awoke me to the truth in the year 2011 and knowing this knowledge is a life changing experience.  Before I came into the knowledge of the truth, I wondered from “whore house” to “whore house” (religious churches) seeking Christ and wanting to be spiritually fulfilled but instead I was taught false doctrines and the traditions of man which pushed me further away from the Messiah and The Most High.  Now that I have found the knowledge of Truth, the scriptures have truly come to life.  I know who I am as a person and I know who we are as a nation of people.  Since coming into the truth, I’ve been persecuted by family members and those who claim to be Christians.  They tell me we are not the Jews and we don’t have to keep the commandments of God.  I even had to physically fight family members who despised the true knowledge of The most High.  But through it all I give all Praise and Glory to The Most High for showing me my duty and my place in this great nation of Israel.  Knowing this, I am going to push to restore and build the so called African Americans, Hispanics and the Native indigenous people of America so that they too will know that they are of the twelve tribes of  Israel.  Qam Yasharahla! RISE ISRAEL.