I was born as a “new creature” in Christ in September 1990.  It was prior to this time that the spirit of Christ came upon me to seek for knowledge of truth during a particular difficult and trying time in my life.  Having a sincere desire to know that there was more to life than what was being presented, I became committed to the cause of being a "seeker of truth."  It has been said, “…what one is seeking…is also seeking that one…”  And then it happened…my prayer was answered.  The LORD God of Israel, graced upon me the greatest gift I’d ever received since I was conceived…the knowledge of my true self (a chosen seed of the Most High) and my true nationality (an Israelite according to the Holy Bible). This was the joy that the scriptures call unspeakable.  From that day, and henceforth forever more, I have never doubted or questioned this remarkable journey.  It has only been by FAITH and TRUST in our Lord and Savior, YaHaWaShi, which has strengthened and reinforced my spirit through all the trials and tribulations that a disciple of Christ must go through and endure in order to obtain the Crown of Glory that has been promised to all the faithful saints of the LORD and to behold his awesome Majesty.  ALL PRAISES TO YAHAWAH and his son YAHAWASHI !