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Pain to Passion

Pain to Passion Immediately after the Most High God delivered us from bondage in Egypt, by the hand of Moses, the first thing we began to do is complain to Moses.  We did not know what to do with our frustrations that came with making a home in the wilderness and not knowing God’s plan until Moses, Aaron, or his family gave us instruction. As women, painful situations lead most of us to sadness, bitterness, frustration, confusion, depression, laziness, and for many of us a constant state of anger which all lead to bitter communication. So what is the resolution? Turn PAIN into PASSION! Turning pain into passion, for Christ and the Law, is what I found to be the best resolution in life for three reasons: Turning my pain into passion makes me focus on God and  His will, not my own. I feel...

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Having A Good Name

The story of Dorcas can be found in the book of Acts 9:36-42. Proverbs 22:1: “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” Dorcas, or Tabitha in Hebrew meaning “gazelle,” was a woman of great and generous works and almsdeeds.  She lived in Joppa, a seaside city, not too far from Jerusalem.  She is the first and only woman in the Bible who was called a disciple as she dedicated her life to the service of her people.  Dorcas took under her wing the widows of Joppa and cared for them.  She was also a talented seamstress making beautiful garments. When Dorcas became ill and died, the people of Joppa mourned for her greatly and placed her body in an upper chamber.  They went to Peter who was teaching in a neighboring town and pleaded...

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