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A Lily for the Lord

Upon us now is the season of offering our first fruits to the Most High.  Though the majority of us are not afforded the means to grow our own crops and offer the first harvest, it is important that within us we grow and offer spiritual crops without sinful blemish.  Our spiritual harvest is made bountiful with the roots of our crops buried in our knowledge of the laws and watered by our trust/faith in the doing of the laws. Susanna, whose name means lily, a perfect flower symbolizing purity and beauty, demonstrated a great love for the Most High by her obedience of His law.  Her story is found in the Apocrypha called The History of Susanna.  It is a very short story, but filled with weighty wisdom. Susanna was beautiful and very well-regarded amongst Israel because of her righteousness.  She was raised in...

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A Tower Against Death

The scriptures tell us that a righteous woman is as a tower against death for her husband (Ecclesiasticus 26:22 (Apocrypha).  But what does that truly mean?  Are we the true backbone −the head− of the family unit like society will tell us we are?  Heaven forbid!!  The scriptures blatantly tell us our men are the head, the strength, the protectors and the keepers of the family.  So how can we serve as a tower against death?? A wife is a tower of strength fortifying the home against outside enemy attack because of her love of the law, obedience to her head and keen discernment of evil spirits! A woman can provide much protection for her husband’s household when she respects order and follows instruction.  To show true love for the Heavenly Father and Christ and receive the gift of eternal life, we must obey the commandments...

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