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Measles outbreak

Many cases of the Measles have been reported all over the states.  Out of 39 cases, 35 have been in California.  When you read of the symptoms and complications it can make you feel uneasy, Especially when the illness was declared “eliminated” in the US in 2000.  It makes you think what is the truth behind all of this? Why the sudden outbreak? You already couldn’t drive past a pharmacy or certain markets without the sign being outside “Vaccinate today and receive a discount on your purchase” or many other incentives being offered for any type of vaccination. It must not have worked as well planned.  But now with this measles outbreak, many people out of fear will run to get themselves and their children vaccinated, not thinking clearly neither questioning any of the causes or complications of the vaccine itself or if it even...

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A Love Letter To My Husband

To My Dearest Dead Husband: I loved you faithfully. I found you to be a righteous man – a man who would always keep the Most High God of Israel as the center of our lives – so I married you.  We were one flesh, one spirit!  I left all I knew behind and became your possession – you were my head!  Your mother was my mother – your family was my family, my former family no longer existed! The God of Israel had not blessed us with any children before you were transitioned to the next life.  I was left alone with your mother.  Your mother, being a wise and righteous woman, bid me to return to my former family as she had no other son to whom she could offer me in marriage so that a son might be brought forth in your name! ...

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January 2015 True Nation Newsletter

We truly thank all of you who endeavor to support the truth!!  Below please find a link to the January 2015 True Nation newsletter. If you would like the newsletter emailed to you please provide your email to  Enjoy!

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