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TWO MINDS BREAK THE CHURCH: Euodias and Syntyche

One of the first churches Paul established was in Philippi.  The members of this church greatly helped Paul in spreading the gospel.  While Paul was in jail waiting for his sentencing, he was made aware that the church in Philippi was struggling with maintaining unity.  Paul wrote a letter to the Philippians declaring his love, joy and gratitude for the church and also his desire to see it overcome and prosper.  He specifically went on to admonish two women named Euodias (her name meaning to help on the road; to succeed) and Syntyche (her name meaning to chance together; companionship).  These virtuous women were greatly esteemed because they directly worked with Paul in helping to spread the gospel, but fell short and were now at odds with one another. “Therefore, my brethren dearly beloved and longed for, my joy and crown, so stand fast in...

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While working, I came across a home that had beautiful plants on each step leading to the door and many more outside of the door.  I noticed that each plant had egg shells on top of the soil and I wondered why anyone would do that but figured it obviously helped the plants.  Since my last article was on plants, I decided to research it and find out exactly what the benefits of the egg shells were.  The following are my results. Egg shells contain 95 % calcium!! Calcium is what is in our teeth and bones. Many of us lack calcium and consume vitamins but did you know we can eat the shells of an egg to obtain it? Of course you don’t just chomp down on the egg shell after cracking it due to the bacteria. Here is what you need to do:...

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