Monthly Archives: August 2015

Adorn Yourself

As I walked into my first True Nation class I wanted to sit in the back row and not be seen. I didn’t know what kind of setting I would be walking into, what people would look like or be like. I was so nervous. I remember I wore a very colorful orange dress, matching earrings, matching bracelets, matching headband, matching sandals, my hand nails were acrylic French tipped orange, and my toes had flower designs. (Yup, that was ME).  We parked and I didn’t want to walk in anymore.  Not only were we late but now after traveling 30 miles in traffic and many other obstacles that presented themselves that day, I felt like maybe I should have toned it down a bit.  My husband (I called him my boyfriend at the time) said to me we are here and we are walking in....

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