Monthly Archives: September 2016

Burning your bridges

Do you know what the saying, “Don’t burn your bridges” really means? Well a bridge is a connection, a safe path, a way to avoid tough roads. The bridge is a person, and just like bridges, people can offer connections, safe paths, and help you out in tough situations.  If you burn a bridge you can no longer use that same route. So “Don’t burn your bridges” basically means don’t destroy relationships you may need in the future. There may have been times when you burned your bridges and you didn’t even realize it. Think of a time when you needed a favor.  You might have needed to borrow money, you might have needed a ride, a job or help with something or even somewhere to stay. Who was the first person you went to? Was it the stranger you saw at the market? No,...

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Slavery In My Life

Yes, that’s right slavery still exits even in this day in age. Slavery comes in many forms. You may not see the physical chains on your hands and feet or feel the lashes of the master’s whip, but the bonds of slavery still exist in our minds: ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS – drugs, sex, over-eating, not eating enough, talking too much, drinking too much, wanting to always be alone, needing to always be part of the crowd. OUT-OF-CONTROL EMOTIONS – you act upon how you feel instead of what is right; depression, mental incapacities, making decisions without careful thought; holding on to resentment or grudges. FEAR OF THE FUTURE – you don’t let go of your old ways for fear of the new ways changing your life too much; fear of ridicule for not living as the world does; fear of letting go of family or friends...

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