A Love Letter To My Husband

To My Dearest Dead Husband:

I loved you faithfully.

I found you to be a righteous man – a man who would always keep the Most High God of Israel as the center of our lives – so I married you.  We were one flesh, one spirit!  I left all I knew behind and became your possession – you were my head!  Your mother was my mother – your family was my family, my former family no longer existed!

The God of Israel had not blessed us with any children before you were transitioned to the next life.  I was left alone with your mother.  Your mother, being a wise and righteous woman, bid me to return to my former family as she had no other son to whom she could offer me in marriage so that a son might be brought forth in your name!  Thankfully, my faith steered my conviction and I stayed with the family body I had made myself a part of when I married you.

Together, your mother and I made our sojourn back to Bethlehem, knowing the God of Israel would show us the way.

We came to a place where Boaz, your father’s kinsman, dwelt and the God of Israel showed me here that I would find a righteous man to be my new husband, the one who would through me, bring forth a son to be called by your name.  My mother encouraged my desire to go and make myself worthy in Boaz’s eyes.  Thereafter, I went and worked in his fields and he admired me.

When Boaz approached me, he knew right away that I was a damsel exceedingly worthy of him, as he found me faithful to the commandments of the God of Israel and faithful to you, my dead husband.  He permitted me to continue to work in his fields allowing each one of us the opportunity to earn the other’s affection.

After an appropriate time had passed, my mother urged me to approach Boaz and ask him to fulfill his duty as your kinsman and to raise up your name, my dead husband.  Boaz accepted the request with great joy and brought me before the elders so that they would witness the purpose of our marriage.  The God of Israel blessed me once more with a righteous man whom I loved and who loved me.

I, for you, was immensely rewarded with a man child whom was born and named Obed.  Obed was later to be the father of Jesse who would be the father of David – a royal lineage sprung from thee!

I find great comfort, peace, and love in my righteous family which has kept their first duty to the Most High God of Israel!

Loving you faithfully always,


p.s.  To the daughters of Israel, please go to your scriptures and read the book of Ruth that you too may learn and experience true ravishing love according to the holy commandments.  To further substantiate the reasoning for my actions, please also read Genesis 2:24; I Corinthians 11:3; Ephesians 5:30-31; Deuteronomy 25:5; I Corinthians 12:12; Ecclesiasticus 39:33-35 (Apocrypha); and Ecclesiastes 12:13.


  1. A beautiful love letter!

  2. I love this story and not just because of my name. =). I had never read it before I met you and you told me it was your favorite story. I read it and loved it! It is a beautiful love story that although short can teach us women many things. You wrote this letter BEAUTIFULLY!!!

  3. Great article, absolutely love it!

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