Are You Thirsty?

By Tazapayan

Are you thirsty?

Well we should be, for righteousness that is.  If you are up to date with the current main stream slang, thirsty has a meaning which is sexual.  Rappers sing about how chicks are thirsty for sex, women behave as though they are hungry to sleep with ballers, or men who have money. Even youngsters act thirsty or sexually hungry  by showing off their bodies and performing inappropriate and obscene dances.  Eager to get attention, they post risqué pictures of themselves and use filthy language on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Did you know that the term “Thirsty” originated in the Holy Bible? In the Bible the term thirst or thirsty referred to someone who was actually in need of water.  And it also referred to someone who had a strong desire and hunger to learn and perform righteous behavior in order to please God and be with him in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Consider Matthew chapter 5 verse 6, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”(Also read: Psalms 63:1, Psalms 42:2, John 4:13, 14 Psalms 143:6)

Being thirsty for righteousness is so much more than just wanting to know knowledge about God and the location of scriptures.  Being thirsty (for righteousness) is desiring or eagerly craving and yearning for the things that please the Most High in every aspect of your life.  And the best thing about being thirsty for the Most High’s laws, statutes, and commandments is that the Most High will fulfill that righteous thirst at our desire.

But how do we become thirsty for the Most High God?  I don’t know how every woman can become thirsty, however, I don’t mind sharing what helped me.  And that was the Bible.  The scriptures that grew my thirst for righteousness were:

  1. 1. Deuteronomy 28:15-68 – Knowing how bad God could hurt me, my children, and all aspects of my life gave me a strong desire to know what I must do to stay away from His wrath.
  2. 2. Matthew 27:1-66 – Reading about some of the things God allowed his son Jesus Christ to go through, even though he was innocent, so that I may have a chance to make it to the kingdom of Heaven, makes me feel sad and therefore I long to do what is right so that he did not have to go through that in vain.
  3. 3. Genesis 6:5-6 – Just to know my actions and the actions of my forefathers’ grieved the Most High God’s heart, it makes me eager to please him and show my appreciation for giving us life and choosing us to be his special people.
  4. 4. Deuteronomy 3:16 – Knowing that God has placed in women the main things that plague us, as a result of our sin, makes me hungry to learn and do the things that pleases Him

Those are a few that touched my heart, and there are more scriptures that can make us thirsty for righteousness sake.  But I would like to know, what makes you thirsty (for the Most High God and His righteousness)



  1. Thanks for the explanation to the term “Thirsty”.

    What makes me follow the Laws of the Most High?

    Being Thankful for CREATING ME, for CHOOSING ME, for MY FAMILY, for ALLOWING US TO WAKE UP EVERYDAY HEALTHY TO CONTINUE IN HIS COMMANDMENTS. It’s the only way to try and repay Most High.

  2. Another word learned — in it’s slang form — and excellent scriptural understanding.

    Good post Sis!

  3. Wow! Needed to be said Sister, Great article!

  4. Both thumbs up Sis! I can’t see myself without the Most High! I call it and EVERLASTING thirst for His righteousness!

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