Asthma Attack Prevention and Solutions

A tragic event that occurred as a result of Asthma has inspired me to not only get informed but also share the learned knowledge with my family and others.

Over the course of time I have helped to assist many with Asthma related issues, including my own son. And a few years back I disciplined myself to research how to prevent attacks in small children so they would not have to be doped up with so much chemical medication.  Then years down the line myself and a few other sisters witnessed a tragic event that ended in a fatality of a child with Asthma, but this was not the only known case of a child dying from an Asthma attack.







As a result I have studied the beginning steps on how to resolve an attack at the onset while it is still mild. In this article I will share the things I have learned.

NOTE: The prevention methods are personally tried and true; however, the after-attack methods are learned knowledge from a CPR professional.


Step #1 – Drink a packet of regular Emergen-C (lemon lime flavor is the best for cutting mucus)


Step#2 – Eat half a cup of pineapples once or twice per day with fresh shredded ginger inside.

Step#3 – Walk, play, or light running should be done everyday to strengthen the lungs

Step#4 – Do not allow dehydration to set in, keep pedialyte on hand just in case accidental dehydration sets in.

Step#5 – Eating red apples and cantaloupe provides lung and bronchial healthy vitamins and mineral.

Step#6 – Drink warm Breathe Easy Tea at night by Traditional Medicinals and put Eucalyptus Honey in it. (They cleanse the lungs and prevents spasms)







Step #7 – IF an exposure to a harmful chemical, bacteria, or virus occurred within the day then do a breathing treatment at night followed by eating a clove of garlic. (mixed with honey for little children)



Solution #1 – DO NOT EAT REGULAR FOOD. Push the virus or bacteria out by only eating and drinking the following: Apples, oranges, prunes, pineapples, cantalope, warm veggetable soup, sugar free grapefruit or orange juice

Solution #2 – If very dark sunken circles form under the eyes the cold and flu virus may be strong, it will be important to eat a clove of garlic and drink breathe easy tea with eucalyptus, and administer a breathing treatment before coughing begins.

Solution #3 – Most people are against this but I suggest you do your own research and reasoning.  But a “sweat-out” is an excellent bug and virus killer.  A sweat-out is performed by putting vapor rub on your chest and neck at night then dressing in warm clothing. Next, close the windows. Finally, drink Gypsy Cold Care Tea and get in the bed to go to sleep.GypsyColdCare

It may become uncomfortably warm, then the body will sweat out bacteria and toxins – boosting your immune system. WARNING –  Because of the excessive sweating your pores will be open and vulnerable for other bacteria to enter in, as a result, in the middle of the night, it is important to change into warm cotton clothing once the initial outfit is wet with sweat. Change the bed sheets as well, then drink some water and go back to bed. The Asthmatic patient should feel much better by morning.



#1 – When an asthmatic child begins to feel out of breath have him calmly sit down and drink warm water. (COLD WATER CAN CAUSE AND ATTACK TO GET WORSE)Reflexology#2 – There is a nerve on the fat part of the foot right under the toes that has nerve endings which connect to the lungs. Pinch the foot in this area and if there is pain and attack may be starting. ADMINISTER A BREATHING TREATMENT AND MORE WARM WATER.

#3 – If the asthmatic still cannot catch his breath after doing these two things, immediately take him to the emergency room or call an ambulance. If we wait until it turns into an emergency where the Asthmatic is gasping for air, it can turn into a fatality. Watch this video:



At one point when my son was small and he was having an attack and I did not have medicine readily available and no urgent care near by I was told by a mother who was into herbology to give him a couple of drops of Lobelia.  I tried it and it worked! Two drops of Lobelia under his tongue calmed the attack and he relaxed and when to sleep.  However, I still drove him to the emergency room to be checked out because he was only 3 years old. This is my story of using herbs for an attack, but I suggest you do your own research to find out herbal remedies/contradictions.

All praises to the Most High for giving us wisdom to overcome His judgments, according to His will.

“Honour a physician with the honour due unto him for the uses which ye may have of him: for the Lord hath created him.”
Ecclesiasticus 38:1


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