ATONEMENT – Self Examination Report Activity

It must be a wonderful thing to be a person who always has good intentions and lots of heartfelt love when thinking of others.  But, is all the good intentions and happy thoughts enough to meet the Most High God’s expectations, or should we use tools in order to thoroughly examine ourselves? Since we must examine ourselves according to the Most High God’s commandments, it is important that we sacrifice a little time to do so.

“Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves… 2 Corinthians 12:5

Although the Most High told us to examine ourselves, He gave us multiple ways to do so, some using righteous wisdom and others use a tool of measurement.  One of the many great tools for comparison is found in Deuteronomy.  If most or all of the curses from Deuteronomy 28:15-67 are present in your lives, then it is fair to say that there may be a law or  two missing in application from our daily lives.

The idea of counting answered prayers as a measure to show that you are rehearsing the righteous acts is unclear in my opinion because the Most High God has not given us a measured time in which he will answer our prayers. So if we use this tool, it will look like the Most High God is not dealing with us. Consider the story of Rachel, Jacob’s second wife.  Her prayers were not answered for at least 9 years when she was finally able to conceive and have a child (Read Genesis 30:1-30). If she used the tool of counting answered prayers then she may have accidently condemned herself for 9 plus years thinking that the Most High God is not dealing with her; In actuality, the Most High is the governor of our lives and will answer according to what is good for our souls or not.  Prayers that are not granted for some years do not mean a person is unrighteous or not walking according to the law; therefore, it is not a great tool to use for self examination.

As a result of meditating on how to introduce self examination, the idea of creating a report card type of tool came to mind.  What’s in these self examination report cards? The law.  Just like school has topics and subtopics on their report cards the same is true with these self examination reports.

Click Here: Self Examination Report-Women


When our family filled out these report cards we vowed to one another to be brutally honest with ourselves because this tool will help us make necessary changes in our lives, in order to NOT bring upon us the Most High God’s wrath in abundance.

Feel free to download this Self Examination Report-Women activity.  Hope you and your family find it fulfilling and useful, and your feedback is always welcome.



  1. Excellent reminder and a very helpful tool to add to our spiritual arsenal not only for those new to the truth but especially for us whi have been in for some time. There is always room for improvement as we die daily!! It’s beautiful how you kept the task of self-examination simple, sometimes we stray away from it because we feel it to be too daunting.

  2. Hi Parah,

    Thank you for responding. I agree, I used to be daunted at the thought of self examination, and in the beginning of my walk I would not do it. But it took some serious trials, tribulations, and dangerous mistakes before I had to sit myself down read, pray, and ask the Most High for help with the Self Examination commandment. Its never easy to see our flaws, but I thank the Most High God for provided the scriptures that help us simplify the process of repentence.

  3. I know we have kind of discussed your article, but I wanted to comment anyway. I’ve wondered why still the curses still present in Israelite lives, in mine or even others. I understand now its about obedience, discipline and our fear level (of our father). I really needed something detailed like this report card, so thank you for making and attaching it to share! And all appreciation to the MH for putting it in your spirit to write this article. Thank you Sis!

  4. @ Sis Kawadah. Thank you for your comment. All praises to the Most High and Christ.

  5. Great article! I think this is very helpful for everyone

  6. Thanks Sarai, I go back to the report constantly for self reflection. All praises to the Most High.

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