What to say? When to say it? How to say it? Was it understood?

Did I make you a friend or did I create an enemy? Should I just stay silent and let the spirits, both good and bad, run rapid? I don’t know about most, but these are the questions that run through my mind after a communication session with brethren. So that leaves me torn between two thoughts; should I stay quiet or should I communicate. But why would any question be running through my mind if communication goes two ways – someone is not communicating. The scriptures say study to be quiet and do your own business. (1Thessalonians 4:11). The scriptures also say to do good and communicate.(Hebrew 13:6)


How do we translate both scriptures? Or, how do we live by them both?  I can either use the scriptures as my excuse or discern the true meaning of each one.  For example, I can just not communicate to anyone at all until I see them or not even when i see them – just wait for people to talk to me. Then utilize the scripture as my excuse,it says, “study to be quiet and do your own business.” So I’m being quiet.

Another example. I can complain about not getting responses to constant social and informal text messages, emails, or social media updates that I’m sending out and accuse everyone of not following the scripture that says, “do good and communicate”. Eventhough my communication had nothing to do with the works of the Most High God, seeking the kingdom, or worldly survival, I feel offended; but, no one has done anything wrong.

Does either scenario sound right or righteous for that matter? I would know deep down inside that I am manipulating the scripture to justify my unreasonable craftiness at that point. The scripture in Thessalonians is telling me to be quiet and do my own business as a warning to not gossip, tale-bear, tattle, spread rumors, murmur, or do any other contentious or variant ungodly behavior-It’s not saying don’t communicate.

The scripture in Hebrews is saying to do good and communicate, in other words, don’t leave communicating and follow-up undone-handle proper business. It doesn’t mean that everyone in your circle MUST be your raving fan and respond to my every post. Wisdom helps us understand scriptures so we may have right discernment and application opposed to self-willed bad behavior.

Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” James 4:17



We should want to communicate for our own mind’s sake, but when we do communicate, proper, honest, clear, non-omitted facts, wise, and with love, is best. Because it is good in the eyes of the Most High. (1 Timothy 6:18; Hebrew 13:6) And gives you more favor with Him.

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