Dissolving Acne

I’m writing this blog about acne from experience as a person who has acne prone skin and has suffered from the disorder for many years. Believe it or not I have found out all the reasons for my acne and know the treatments; but, when I fall short of the zeal to maintain what is needed in order to keep the acne breakouts away – I get a new breakout, sometimes minor others massive.

I am currently entering the tail end of a massive breakout that did not begin resolving itself until I decided to take the proper measures of relief.  Although most acne breakouts last about seven days, it was a 3 week long massive breakout.  After treating this breakout I decided to share information learned about acne and resolving the issue naturally on this blog.

The first thing we should know about acne is there are many causes for the breakout and it is important for each individual to learn their own cause or causes so they may naturally treat the acne best. All the causes for my breakouts are:

*Hormonal Imbalance

*Sugar & Fat Intolerance

*Large Pores

*Excessive Allergenic Make-Up Use

*Stressed Liver

*Stressed Colon and/or

*Over production of protein

Man! It took years to discover every source, however, I’m thankful that the Most High God has awaken us to the knowledge of how to use herbs and food for natural healing.(Genesis 1:29)  And now you don’t even have to wait years to find out why you are having every kind of facial and body breakout – just look up the term #Face Mapping.  It is a tool which allows you to see what ailments are generally the result of particularly placed acne.  For example, forehead acne may be a direct result of a stressed colon; too much junk consumption.

The following is what I take for my acne breakouts and it has given me great success, especially when I’m consistent.

  1. For my hormonal based acne I use the herbs Maca & Adrenal. Then eat yams and pumpkin based products.
  2. For sugar & fat intolerance I consume cinnamon, decaf green tea, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, milk, probiotics, and plenty of water. I also lessen my intake of fatty refined foods.
  3. For large pores I wash my face with very warm water and exfoliate, then use a cooling toner to make the pores close.  Usually a chilled tea tree oil, aloe vera gel,and lemon juice tincture does a great job. Lastly, wash make-up brushes after every use of oil free makeup.
  4. Excessive Allergenic make-up use is a personal common error. Why use it? Because it is inexpensive mostly 99cent, but only takes a couple days before I have a bad breakout. This is solved by immediately stopping the use of make-up that has paraben, talc, refined oil, latex, or formaldehyde in it. And of course wash make-up brushes with soap made for acne.
  5. If my liver is stressed because of the consumption of too much dehydrating foods and drinks as well as compounded mental stress and a breakout occurs then I immediately start drinking milk thistle tea,liquid iron supplements, and replace all sugary drinks with honey because it moistens the body greatly.
  6. Smooth move tea and bitter tea with honey, as well as a diet of only fruits and vegetables for a few days rids the acne that is due to a stressed colon. Also garlic, oregano ,& tumeric are taken to rid the inflammation from acne.
  7. For the over production of proteins, I stop eating meat for a week or so and take a vitamin A supplement as well as drink a half a glass of quality wine in the evening before bed.

That is pretty much all of my acne dissolvers and I hope if anyone suffers with acne like I have they can use one or all of these regimens to resolve acne issues too.

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