There are many things that make me feel happy.  I love learning about the truth and reading my scriptures.  I love to go out on dates with my husband.  I love shopping with my daughters and I love listening to music with my sons.  I love going on vacation and tanning in the sun, not just because I get that sun-kissed color, but more importantly, because it relaxes me to the point my muscles feel loose like over-cooked spaghetti noodles.  I love to write.  I love to read Jane Austen books and watch movies based on her stories.  I love watching HGTV.  But on the daily, I really do love wearing dresses and skirts because, for me, they symbolize my obedience to the Most High and the true freedom and happiness I have obtained by living a life in righteousness.

I cannot recall the number of times people have asked me, why do you have to wear a dress?  You mean to tell me that God won’t accept me just because I am wearing pants?  Don’t you miss wearing pants?

The answers to all these are quite simple.  Yes, I have to wear a dress it’s a commandment.  Yes, the Most High won’t accept me if I don’t wear a dress because I am being disobedient.  And NO, I don’t miss wearing something that doesn’t feel natural to wear, something that goes against who I really am. 

A true and natural state of being is freedom and happiness!!  The maker of something is going to know why the thing was made, how to make it work best and how to repair it.  Well, our Heavenly Father created us, so obviously He would know what is best for us.  I know I am His daughter and He didn’t create me to be miserable.  He created me to be fruitful and prosper in His spirit, He created me to be healthful and joyous, He created me to be happy about who I am! 

“For he created all things, that they might have their being: and the generations of the world were healthful; and there is no poison of destruction in them, nor the kingdom of death upon the earth:”  Wisdom of Solomon 1:14 (Apocrypha)

 I am free to obey my all-knowing and loving Heavenly Father.  When I wear a dress and thereby obey His commandments, I do feel happy and free.  I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything nor do I feel like I am burdened.  It feels good, real good!  It’s like how you feel after you finish a thorough spring cleaning of your home and you plop yourself on the couch to look all around and you feel so proud!  You may be exhausted, but you now can rest in peace knowing that all is in order and without any filth.  The same is true when you obey the holy commandments.

 “…he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”  Proverbs 29:18

When a woman thinks about what to wear on a special day, like for her wedding or prom, she doesn’t think of pants, she thinks about a dress!  Why?  Because you feel feminine, pretty, elegant and special.  My memory runs long filled with countless times where my dress just made the day and gave me so much joy.

I remember one hot summer day, my kids and I went to visit a friend who had a pool.  Everyone was splashing and having such a good time except for me.  I had forgotten my bathing suit!!  I was wearing a very pretty dress that day, beige with beautiful red flowers.  I loved how it fit me and how it would flow and dance with the cool breeze.  And as happy as I was wearing that dress and dared not to do anything that might ruin it, I said, oh what the heck, I’m going to just jump in!!  My pretty dress worked out to be a terrific bathing suit too…yes, that’s right, it was great.  I was able to jump in on the deep end, swim underwater, play marco polo, float and do just about anything I could normally do in my bathing suit.  And best of all, when I got out to lay in the sun, my dress still looked just as pretty when it dried. 

When my daughter was very young, she would love to come in my room and help me pick out a dress to wear.  She had a keen eye for fashion so I always got good advice on what and how I should wear my clothes.  And though she knows all too well how to match accessories and different colors, how to pick out the best style of fabric, and what best to wear for any occasion, her best method of choosing an absolutely fabulous dress is basic.  She would measure how much the dress spun around when I twirled.  That’s right, she would tell me, “Mommy, spin around, spin around!”  The wider the skirt of the dress opened, the prettier the dress was in her eyes.  It was like a wide circle of love.  Oh how much I loved hearing her say that to me!!

The day that my husband and I renewed our vows was probably one of the most special days of my life!  I remember all that had to be done to get ready for that day and I have to admit, I was a bit of a bridezilla.  The hair, the make-up, the catering, the music, the decorations, the itinerary, the invitations, the guest list, the garden, the set-up, all of it was very, very hectic.  But when my hair and make-up were finally done, and all I had left to do was slip on my dress, it was then when all my worries and stress left me.  As my very good friend was zipping up my dress, suddenly I was overwhelmed by such a soothing calm and utterly filled with sheer joy and excitement (and a bit of nervousness too, LOL).  The cream white dress with tiny diamond-like glitter gave a vision to all just how special I felt on the inside.  And to this day years after our ceremony, every time I see that dress in my closet I feel so beautiful and loved.

Who would have thought such a simple thing like a dress would have had such an impact on my life.  It’s amazing how the Most High in all His splendor uses something as ordinary as fruit to heal us or a tiny mustard seed to season our food or a pretty dress to make us feel so special.  The seemingly insignificant significantly brightens our lives, this is the power of our great Creator. 

Today and always I run with the wind at my back and the sun upon my face jumping in the sky with my dress flowing like wings reminding me of the joy and happiness which comes from obeying the commandments!


  1. Such a beautiful article Parah! You took my mind on to a peaceful vacation of pleasentness. I “say yes to the dress”! And I especially agree with the entire article especially when you said “When a woman thinks about what to wear on a special day, like for her wedding or prom, she doesn’t think of pants, she thinks about a dress! Why? Because you feel feminine, pretty, elegant and special.” It’s so true.
    My mother told me that when I was a little girl (whose parents were still living by traditions of the world at the time) she loved putting me in a dress because I would sit down so elegantly like a little baby doll and be still and so pretty, but when I was in pants however, a whole different and wild spirit took over me. Isn’t that a trip!

    Love this article, thanks much sis.

  2. Love love love this article and i remember the dress you wore when you renewed your vows and its does make you feel pretty and taza my lil sister was like that lol great post sis and all praise to the most high for you to in my life

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