1. I enjoyed reading the newsletter very much. I felt like the first article was a great reminder for all of us going through hard times right now. We all have to remember to stay strong in order to become better in our walk of faith. I also liked how their were natural remedies for different issues with the body like healthy skin or itchy scalp. I will make sure to use some of those recipes. I also like how there is pictures of events that go on in the congregation. This newsletter felt very lively. Good job to all of those that partook in helping putting it together. I can’t wait to see next months issue.

  2. I ditto what Sarai said. Lovely Newsletter as always!

  3. I have always enjoyed all of TN’s News Letters, but the power of each and every article of this news letter! My goodness, my spirit needed this. Thank you to all contributors for being righteous and about our Father’s business!

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