The Talk of The Tongue Leads to Penury!

Biblically speaking, Penury is poverty.  Poverty can be or not be a stressful condition.  Some of us can find contentment while in poverty as long as we have the basic necessities for our life, but what about the type of poverty in which you barely have enough for your life.  I’m not talking about the poverty as a result of a famine or war, I’m talking about individualized poverty that causes suffering.  Is there any type of lifestyle that makes the Most High God give us stressful poverty?  The answer is Yes.  As a result of talking too much, one of the ways we may become plagued, from the Most High God, is with poverty, also known as, Penury.  Proverbs 14:3 says “In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.”

As women we love to talk, but sometimes we may overdue it.  This article is just to remind us that talking too much may lead us to Penury, which I’m sure is undesirable, because money answers all things (Ecclesiates 10:19).  Not just money, but also our character and spirituality.

Here is an ideal task,  Look up the word “Talk” in the Bible Concordance or search engine and find out what other judgments besides poverty the Most High God put in our life for talking too much or talking in a certain manner (carelessly).

Please share what you came up with. (Optional)


  1. Such good information Sister , That we all need to take to heart as women of Christ .

  2. Always something new to learn…great new vocabulary word and scriptural understanding!

    Good job Taza!

    • @Parah. When I read that word in the Bible along with Thirsty, it was interesting to see the current westernized implication of the words. But in the Bible they are words of depth…my how the world has fallen!

  3. Great article. We should also remember as sisters in the truth that we are our sisters keepers and when we hear or are in a situation when its becoming gossip or nonsense talk that we eliminate that spirit quickly.

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