Women Survival For The Last Days

The last days bring forth a great level of uncertain and grim fate in regards to the estate of our comfortable amenities like: a stationary home, transportation, accessible food, food storage, running water for hygiene, and access to medicine. The biblical prophecies regarding the last days bring in a heightened level of uncertainty especially for the poor, even more so for the Israelite, and undoubtedly for the Israelite woman with little children.  The scriptures even state:


The word woe means distress, anguish, affliction, and tribulation.  But what about the last days, and why is it going to be such a “woe” situation?  According to scriptures there will be natural disasters which ruin food supplies, friends will destroy one another, and unrighteousness will multiply in the earth. (2Esdras 5:7-9)crop3

All these and more last day events stated in the scriptures leaves us with an urgent need of self-sufficient dependency, or in other words prepared to survive. Remember, survival preparedness is not a sign of doubt but is a show of faith in the bibles prophecies of the last days.

“Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.” James 2:18

In order to have a small level of comfort during a survival type situation it is important to know common needs.  The topic woman’s survival is a complex one due to the nature of our anatomy alone.  We must tend to:


With all the above situations comes a little discomfort or ailment that must be tended to, even in a survival situation.  The discomforts of the above situations should be closely considered when brainstorming for a woman’s survival kit.

So where should we begin?brainstorming My suggestion would be, start your survival kit with life’s bare necessities;



Then before just throwing together food, water, and shelter ideas, maybe consider how much of these necessities are needed for each season and during each womanly issue. planFor example: How much water does a pregnant woman need in the summer months and and how much sanitation supplies will be needed to keep herself bacteria free? This is one example of preparation thinking.  ThinkinonfutureFor every type of previously mentioned woman’s scenario a kit should be brainstormed.  Another example I will provide below is a kit idea for a mother of two; one nursing infant as well as a toddler.protectbabycutepieIt is a 1 month supply kit list, however, experts are now suggesting we prepare a 3-month supply kit.


Outside obackpackf having a storage bin or two filled with all these items, I would also

have a small back pack filled with trial size duplicates of the survival kit content.

In addition to this article, there are tons of survival ideas you can get from the website www.truenation.org as well as elsewhere (links at the bottom).  But most importantly, apply your faith in preparing for these latter days and times of peril.  Ultimately, the success of your preparations or survival will be in the hand of Our Father’s mercy.


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