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You go to use the bathroom right after your husband and you get so mad because he didn’t put on a new roll of toilet paper when it ran out.  You see hubby walk right passed a sock on the floor that he didn’t even bother to pick up and put in the dirty clothes hamper.  You are planning a summer vacation and when you talk to hubby about it, his reaction was not exactly enthusiastic.  Yes, all these are trivial matters in the grand scheme of things, but have the power to incite BIG MARITAL WARS. “Your glorying is not good, Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?”  I Corinthians 5:6 On the surface it may seem like our husbands don’t think or worry about the things we do, almost like they don’t care.  But guess what, they actually feel the same...

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Nothing is expedient with Christ.  Nor is it easy.  But He never promised us expedient nor easy.  He did promise, however, faith and hope in times of turbulence, joy in longsuffering, success for those that daily do His Word and salvation for those that endure.  This is the beauty I see in me. Whether you are brand new to the truth of the scriptures or have known for some time, there is spiritual beauty all around you.  If you are new, think upon how special you are to have been chosen to have your spirit open up to learning about our Heavenly Father and Christ in truth.  Count it a blessing that you have an opportunity now to repent, to make it right and become a new creature, clean of any past filth.  Be proud that you have chosen to go against the grain of...

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Slavery In My Life

Yes, that’s right slavery still exits even in this day in age. Slavery comes in many forms. You may not see the physical chains on your hands and feet or feel the lashes of the master’s whip, but the bonds of slavery still exist in our minds: ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS – drugs, sex, over-eating, not eating enough, talking too much, drinking too much, wanting to always be alone, needing to always be part of the crowd. OUT-OF-CONTROL EMOTIONS – you act upon how you feel instead of what is right; depression, mental incapacities, making decisions without careful thought; holding on to resentment or grudges. FEAR OF THE FUTURE – you don’t let go of your old ways for fear of the new ways changing your life too much; fear of ridicule for not living as the world does; fear of letting go of family or friends...

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