Unwritten Rules of the Workplace

Starting a new job can be intimidating, especially if you have never worked in that type of field. It will definitely take time and patience to learn everything that is expected of you.  You are given handbooks, policy manuals and guidebooks for basic rules, but what about the unwritten rules?  We can’t just disregard what is not written. For example: “Well it doesn’t say that I can’t sing loud in my cubicle”.   What is not written comes down to common sense. We know we have to have manners and be respectful but sometimes we don’t think of everything else. Here is a list that will, Most High willing, help you get through the new job experience. 1. First and foremost, remember that you are an Israelite and that you represent the Most High at all times! (I know I say it a lot and my kids...

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Measles outbreak

Many cases of the Measles have been reported all over the states.  Out of 39 cases, 35 have been in California.  When you read of the symptoms and complications it can make you feel uneasy, Especially when the illness was declared “eliminated” in the US in 2000.  It makes you think what is the truth behind all of this? Why the sudden outbreak? You already couldn’t drive past a pharmacy or certain markets without the sign being outside “Vaccinate today and receive a discount on your purchase” or many other incentives being offered for any type of vaccination. It must not have worked as well planned.  But now with this measles outbreak, many people out of fear will run to get themselves and their children vaccinated, not thinking clearly neither questioning any of the causes or complications of the vaccine itself or if it even...

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