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Asthma Attack Prevention and Solutions

A tragic event that occurred as a result of Asthma has inspired me to not only get informed but also share the learned knowledge with my family and others. Over the course of time I have helped to assist many with Asthma related issues, including my own son. And a few years back I disciplined myself to research how to prevent attacks in small children so they would not have to be doped up with so much chemical medication.  Then years down the line myself and a few other sisters witnessed a tragic event that ended in a fatality of a child with Asthma, but this was not the only known case of a child dying from an Asthma attack.         As a result I have studied the beginning steps on how to resolve an attack at the onset while it is...

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Pregnancy Medical Tests and Definitions Part 2

In Part 1 of our Pregnancy Medical Tests, we mentioned the most common invasive tests that are usually ordered for women with high-risk pregnancies.  We even included how each test is performed and what they test for.  Invasive tests would not be expected for low-risk pregnancies, unless, it is requested by the patient for paternal reasons.  In this case an amniocentesis can be performed.  Women with low-risk or high-risk pregnancies can expect none invasive tests every routine prenatal visit.  Which again are performed without going into the body for biological samples. Medical test and screenings are part of Prenatal Care, which also includes education and counseling about how to handle different aspects of pregnancy, discuss healthy eating habits, physical activity, and what to expect during labor and delivery. Please note: This information will not affect how one may plan their birth, but instead, inspire you...

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