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Billboards promoting Sex and Violence

Every day I drive 3.8 miles to take my kids to school and we see at least ten billboards promoting sex.  One is literally across from the school and the other is to the left of the school.  I always wonder, “does this not upset any other parent besides my husband and I?” No matter how much they try to change the advertisement, it’s always as revealing or more revealing than the last one.  Then I read in an article where a parent finally complained about a billboard, but to my surprise is wasn’t about the sex ads it was about a game GTA 5 due to its violent content.  Kids nowadays are younger and younger when they begin to get involved in things of sexual nature.  It’s due to all this negative advertisement we see, not just in billboards but also in TV, movies,...

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What is a Virtuous Woman?

12 Characteristics That Define a Virtuous Woman She dresses modestly. (1Timothy 2:9) She doesn’t gossip or backbite. (Ecclesiasticus 19:8) She is diligent and does not waist precious time on senseless things. (Proverbs 31:27) She is in support and promotes the mission of the Israelite Men of God. Especially her husband, if she has one. (Exodus 35:22,25, 26; Mark 15:40,41; Ecclesiasticus 26:26) She utilizes her free time wisely knowing when it is time to relax and rejuvenate or help another sister advance her womanly skills, for example. (Ecclesiasticus 38:24) She loves Israel unconditionally. Giving admonishment or correction, upliftment or inspiration when needed. Always hoping  for good. (Proverbs 31:26, Galatians 5:5) She utilizes her conversation, presence, and demeanor as a physical advertisement or example of the Most High’s daughter. (1Timothy 2:9,10) Has a respect for herself and others, so she treats people how she wants to be...

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