Ready Me For Our Father’s Feast

Is it possible to always be absolutely ready for the Most High God’s Feast Days?  From observation and personal experience, it seems like as a whole, we are never entirely ready for our Holy Feast Days.  I’ve seen store bought dresses worn as holy garments (disclaimer, there is nothing wrong with buying a garment and converting it to a royal Israelite garment), forgotten scarves, children in regular clothes, scarce food supply or donations on feast days.  I have seen people forget pens and bibles, have uncombed hair, halitosis, untidy or even non-feast fashionable homes, not to mention some forgotten celebration days on multi-day feasts.

I’m not exposing these things to point the finger or “harp on tangents” but to motivate us women to find a deeper way of showing our praise and appreciation of the Most High, especially on the days he has appointed for us to reverence him.  In this article you will find creative researched ideas that will help us prepare our families for the Holy days.

If you think about it,  the main roles for feasts have already been set in place.  The Most High has given his commands as to the required feast days and times, who can and cannot attend and where they should take place.  At True Nation, the feast committee does the job similar to that of the the tribe of Levi in regards to preparations for the Lord’s Feasts.  Women, just in case you didn’t know, we play a grand role too.


I can speak from personal experience and I’m sure some of you can relate to the fact that as women we must overcome our busy schedule, of multiple children, work and  preparation stress in order to be ready for our father’s feast days.  Now let’s explore some ideas.


Even on a tight budget, you don’t have to spend more than $10 for each person that needs a garment.  You can find fleece material that does not fray ($2 to $4 a yard) and cut it into a poncho style pull over.  Then you can purchase trim on clearance at Michael’s, Walmart or your local fabric store and sew it around the neck and sides for a nice border.  Lastly the Dollar tree has blue ribbon for $1 per roll.  Just cut fringes into the bottom hem, add the ribbon of blue and you just made a beautiful garment for $10 dollars or less!  Here is a video link to show how you can make fringes at home (Homemade Fringes); however, they take lots of spare time.

“Always keep ample hand needles on hand in the event your sewing machine breaks.”

Save time, or relieve yourself from last minute material purchasing, by shopping in advance for material and matching trim in the summer. Purchase enough to sew at least 2 garments per person and store it away for the feast in which time doesn’t permit you to go on a shopping spree prior-to.

If you don’t know how to sew or shop for material, then it is a good idea to have the names and numbers of sisters who sew for others on hand.  They can even help you to convert a dress into a garment suitable for the feasts.  Be sure to give the sewing sister ample notice that you will need her to make garments for yourself or your family.  If there is no one that you know available, then there are a couple of websites that you can visit like Hebrew Israelite Kaftans, just do a little research.


A few tips on keeping up with a scarf are:

  • using it as a tie-on belt for yourself and daughters
  • Keep it in your purse
  • Create a button on your clothes and put a button hole in your scarves.
  • Fold a rayon scarf into a square, small enough to fit in a keychain coin-purse, then keep it on your keys.
  • Make a transformer scarf, that looks like a headbandheadband2scarf
  • Here is another video on how to keep your baby and toddlers scarves on: (Keep Baby’s Scarf On)




Pencils and pens are easy to loose. We have a joke in our home that “everyone eats them” 🙂 But, here are a few pointers that can help us always be prepared for the feast days.

  • Attached mini pens or pencils to key-chains
  • Leave a few in the glove compartment  of your cars
  • Place a pencil pouch in a binder.
  • Pack them in your purse
  • As a last resort, ask your neighbor

Oops! What if someone, yourself or your little one forgets their bible or looses it or if it gets stolen (God forbid), although strange things have happened.  One time I lost my bible and what ended up working out for me was listening to the reader of the scripture, not only listening but also writing each word, from the verse he was reading, down in my notes. This perfected not only my listening skills, but scriptural knowledge as well as solved the issue of not having a bible on hand. This is another situation in which you can simply ask your neighbor or the church leaders for a bible.


Bodily Temple

Luckily for us women, our heads are covered while we are praying or prophesying. But what if we want to take our scarf off during a feast day but couldn’t afford to get our hair done or don’t know what to do with it.  Well there are a few hair options I have seen women use and I have also used myself like:

  •   afro-hairstyleOption#1 – Wear it natural or buy and use a wash-and-wear hair product.  For straight hair there is a product called beach waves by Aquage. It gives the hair instant volume that can be pinned to the side to make a volumous waterfall look or quick volumous up-sweep.  For curly and kinky hair my all-time favorite product is “Knot Today” and “Curling Custard” it detancfa71d3c5de2949929305a1d954ce033gles and adds shine as well as definition and last for up to 3 days in the hair. Wash -and-wear products can be used on your sons with long hair as well. Preparation time for wash-and-wear is 5 minutes. Use Wash-and-wear products on freshly washed hair only, they usually curd with any product left on the hair.


  • imagesOption#2 – Attach a ponytails mads-l225e out of synthetic protein fibers.  You can slick your hair back and clip on an elegant ponytail.  Also, a wig is another option for those who have massive hair and need a stylist or they are out of luck.
  • Option#3 – If you don’t have the money for a wash-and-wear product or a ponytail and you are not good at styling it yourself,
  • maybhow-wear-cornrowse you can bargain with a sister who is good at doing hair.  Possibly you can help her in one aspect and she can help you with the hair aspect.  Or if you have the money, you can even pay her to style yourself or daughter’s hair.







  • Option#4 – If you don’t have time to do hair or money to hire someone, you can make your own shine gel out of flaxseeds.  Flaxseeds are a dollar at the 99cent store and they make a perfect wash-and-wear product – Check out this video. Flaxseed Gel





Decorating our homes is a matter of preferance , however we are commanded to keep it nice and orderly.

Sirach 26:16 “As the sun when it ariseth in the high heaven; so is the beauty of a good wife in the ordering of her house.”

creative decorating is a good idea for households with children, especially if we want to motivate and educate our children to keep the Most High’s laws with joy and gladness.  Last Passover I found myself so overwhelmed with many things that I hired cleaners to make sure all the detailed cleaning got covered.  But general cleaning for every feast should be sufficient enough. The summer time is a good time to make decorations with the kids for the entire year’s feast days, you can store them in storage bags or containers that fit under beds or in closets until the feast comes in which it is time to decorate.  When my children were little, I made table runners and large wall words they could look at and read so they would remember the aspects of the feast.  Now that my children are older, I have them assist with the clean up.




Lastly giving portions or gifts to each other.  There were a couple of feasts in the history of the scriptures in which we gave gifts to each other like, Purim & Tabernacles. Therefore, if it is permitted within our church and your heart is driven to do so, here are some gift ideas on a budget:

  1. Make an I-Owe-You babysitting gift certificate, but include some dates and times on it that you will be free to help a sister and her family out.
  2. Make an I-Owe-You house-sitting or house-cleaning certificate, again make sure to put availability so there will be no conflicts.
  3. Make an I-Owe-You garment certificate that will entitle you to make a garment of clothing for the person you gave it to.  Make sure to mention the lead time you need for each certificate.
  4. Make a Tea & Cookies gift basket under $10 at the 99cent store
  5. Buy material and make multiple scarves for your sisters and their daughters
  6. Make bible book marks or book covers
  7. Give a family photo to all your sisters with a special message


Have you ever compared each feast of the Most High to a wedding? We are coming together to celebrate the Most High’s feasts which are a part of us recognizing our covenant with Him.

Exodus 31:13 “Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the LORD that doth sanctify you”

In a wedding, a mood is set.  Well, the Most High has already set the mood for each of his feasts, be it Tabernacles which must be filled with joy and gladness or Atonement that should be solemn according to the scriptures.  Each wedding has a theme.  Well once again, our Father has given us themes for the holy feast days also.  Firstfruits is a time for us to give our best.  Tabernacles remembers our flight from Egypt and the humility of the wilderness.  Passover, we can’t forget our lamb Jesus Christ who saved us from death.  How about Day of Atonement and repenting.  In a more perfect wedding, everyone plays their role and like I stated earlier the men have their roles, each department plays their part, and women too have a role in feasts for the Lord.  I hope this article can be of assistance with helping each sister meet her expectations in preparing herself and household for Our Father’s Holy Feast Days.


If you need more ideas or have questions please feel free to email



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