Recipe for Chicken, Cheese, & Spinach quesadillas

Recipe for Chicken, Cheese, & Spinach quesadillas


Things you’ll need:

Flour tortillas

Mozzarella cheese or cheese of your liking

Chicken tenderloins




*Cook your spinach

*Cut up your chicken tenderloins

*Cook chicken tenderloins in a pan until it is done. Try using a medium temperature so the chicken doesn’t dry out. ┬áSeason chicken to your liking

*Spray your pan with a non-stick spray to cook your tortilla

*Fold the tortilla in half as if you were making a taco and then you open it up and place the cheese, chicken,& then spinach all over one side and try not to go over the crease so you are able to fold it evenly

*Close the tortilla and place it on the pan and then wait a few minutes to flip the tortilla.

*I usually wait for my tortilla to look golden brown on both sides so sometimes you may have to flip it a few times so it won’t burn.

*repeat the process for the next quesadillas.


Thawadah !


  1. I love these quesadillas! I also make ground turkey quesadillas with tomatoes, onions, and queso fresco (Mexican cheese).

  2. Thank you Rayah for the post, I can’t wait to try this recipe… BTW I tried the Tilapia recipe and my family loved it! Thanks!

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