2 Quick & Easy ways for Salad on the go for the Sabbath

2 Quick & Easy ways for Salad on the go for the Sabbath


A quick way to prepare a healthy salad for the Sabbath Day.  It takes no time to make and it is a healthier option than a sandwich and chips.  You may think that your salad will be soggy if prepared the day before if you put salad dressing on it or how can you take salad dressing on the go. Well I have a solution for that.

  1. Making your salad in reverse.

Find a sturdy container that you trust to make your salad in.

Start by putting your salad dressing in first, at the bottom of the container.

Next, if you are adding meat to your salad, layer your meat on top of your salad dressing. If not, layer your tomatoes, followed by cucumber, and so on depending on what you desire on your salad.

Then put in your salad mixture of choice.

Lastly when it’s time to eat give your container a shake or mix by hand and enjoy!

Making your salad in reverse stops your salad mixture from getting soggy by the dressing being at the bottom. This way your salad lasts all day until you’re ready to eat.

  1. Using Kale

The reason why romaine or ice burg lettuce gets soggy when you leave salad dressing on it is because of the amount of water they contain. The acid from the salad dressing reacting with the water in the salad mixture draws out the water making your salad soggy. Kale on the other hand does not contain nearly as much water as romaine or ice burg lettuce and will last a lot longer in the fridge or on the go.


Yummy Kale Salad




Sun Tomatoes (small and yellow)

Sliced Green Apple

Crumbled Feta Cheese


Crumbled Walnuts

Lemon Zest or Lemon Juice

Raspberry Vinaigrette


For this recipe there is no wrong or right amount of ingredients, make what you like! You don’t have to layer this salad, just mix and go.



  1. Sis, What smart idea! I so will be doing this for now on. I actually put my dressing in a separate container, but now, no longer! Thanks for the Kale salad recipe, I LOVE KALE. 😉

  2. Creative idea re salad dressing on bottom!! Always love salad especially on the Sabbath!

  3. I Love Kale to sis !!!

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