CHAPSTICK – Endangering your Health

Working outdoors, I constantly have to re-apply my ChapStick sometimes about 3 to 4 times per hour. My husband will turn to look at me and give me that look like “Are you serious?” Recently he asked me if I knew what I was putting on my lips? I realized that unfortunately I never thought about what it contained. I did some research and found all the active and inactive ingredients.  I found that this little tube is FULL OF POISON. It is made so that we feel the need to re-apply. I buy this product in packs of 3 so that I never run out. After my research I came to the conclusion that I will find a healthy alternative.

Now the Science

Active Ingredients:

Padimate O 1.5%

White petrolatum 40.7% (Petroleum substances can also be listed as “petrolatum” on ingredient labels)

Mineral oil and Petroleum jelly, which are widely used in cosmetics, are made from Petroleum, a crude oil substance that comes from the ground yet can be very toxic. Since petroleum jelly and mineral oil attach to your cells and are not water soluble, they can be difficult for your body to eliminate, sometimes causing buildup in various organs of the body. The oxygen and nutrients skin needs in order to release toxins and repair itself can be blocked by the “barrier” created by petroleum cosmetics.

Side Effects of petrolatum include finding the petroleum byproduct in breast tumors, suffocation of the skin, premature aging and aggravated acne.

Facts: Study indicates that breast tissue of women with breast cancer were 2.6 times more likely to have increased amounts of PAHs attached to their DNA than the breast tissue of women without breast cancer. Petrolatum may interfere with the body’s moisturizing mechanism, leading to dry skin and chapping despite its cosmetic use as lip protection. (Now I understand why I always had to apply it).

White Petrolatum was BANNED in EU (Europe) Cosmetics.

Inactive Ingredients:

arachidyl propionate, camphor, carnauba wax, cetyl alcohol, D&C red no. 6 barium lake, fragrance, isopropyl lanolate, isopropyl myristate, lanolin, light mineral oil, menthol, methylparaben, octyldodecanol, paraffin, phenyl trimethicone, propylparaben, saccharin, white wax

Camphor is poisonous.

Phenyl is considered Toxic.

Some studies of breast tumors show a buildup of Methylparabens in the breast tissue. Studies indicate that Methylparaben applied on the skin may react with UVB, leading to increased skin aging and DNA damage.

To top it off, it contains approximately 49.92 ug/stick of aluminum.

This is the perfect cocktail for Cancerous Breast Tumors and other health issues. I read labels all the time and I couldn’t believe this one slipped by me. I will find alternatives and post them.

If you know of any feel free to respond.


  1. OMG…no more for me either!! I’m a “3-4 times an hour” user too and I really didn’t think about the ingredients either! I will go over to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods to see what alternatives they have, hopefully it won’t be too expensive.

    Good post and thanks for the info!

  2. Good article! It’s a tiny-tube of DANGER!!!! Now-a-days…..EVERYTHING IS POISONOUS!!!

  3. Wow, very insightful, thanks Ruthy!

  4. This was a very insightful article. I have that same brand of Chapstick in my purse and I’m not going to be using that anymore. Thanks for the info sis! I am glad you told us

  5. Wow that is scary, thank you for making me aware

  6. I found my new chap stick, and than I lost it :/ ! It was 100% natural, and I found it at Whole Foods! WHOOP WHOOP!

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