Children Lord’s Prayer Lesson in Ancient Hebrew -Part 1

The Lord’s Prayer was taught to us by Jesus Christ also known in Ancient Hebrew as Yahawashi. It is a covering prayer that my family and I utilize everyday in order to receive the Most High God’s protection and services, as well as give Him reverence.  Which is what we need to do in order to survive in this world that is filled with evil.

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It is also a nice thing to know we have the option to say the prayer in Ancient Hebrew. It is a researched language by Archaeologists, Historians, and Hebrew Israelite Bible Scholars that is a true original language of God’s chosen people, Israel.

This video lesson teaches children how to say the Lord’s Prayer, located in Matthew 6:9, in Ancient Hebrew and what the words mean.  It is a fun lesson that the whole family can enjoy and learn from but the lesson, however, is directed towards children from ages 5 and up.

Important Information:

These videos are tools on pronunciation and translation for the Hebrew Israelite children who are already reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew and need a quick reminder of what it is they are saying. These videos do not replace any Hebrew lessons from church Elders.



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