Diet 101: EAT

Diet 101: EAT!!!!!!!!

Why is it when you think or hear of the word “Dieting”, STARVING, comes to mind? Well at least America’s version of it. Did you know when starving your body from what it clearly is in need for is damaging and/or dangerous? In fact your bones are at risk of being exposed, due to the detriment of the body’s muscle mass. The detriment of muscle mass is a process called Catabolysis. Which is the body breaking down muscle mass and other tissues in order to keep it’s vital systems like the nervous system and heart muscles working. Your body laterally goes into “fight” mode seeking deep into the body’s bones to deplete this very last source in order to help restore the body’s systems with nutrition. This is when the “EAT” comes into extreme importance because Catabolysis will not begin until there are no usable sources of energy coming into the body. This than leads to Vitamin deficiency, causing symptoms like diarrhea, skin rashes, edema, and heart failure. NO WONDER, dieting Individuals have a “bit your head off” type of attitude!  Not only are they HUNGRY, but also irritable, fatigued and lethargic from all of THIS taking place within the body that clearly needs to EAT. So my beautiful Sister’s my advice to you…..EAT EAT EAT!!!!! Dieting is not the answer, If shedding some of the unwanted pounds off, first off, it must be done in decency and in order……

                 “Let all things be done decently and in order.” ~1 Corinthians 14:40

This is NO green flag to eat whatever, but to try and eat things beneficial to your metabolism, which works to us sista’s advantage when wanting to loose weight rather than eating whatever’s  convenient to fill us at that moment, which will than SLOOOWWWS down our metabolism or worse brings it to a complete halt! Think about it, when eating that breakfast muffin, afterwards do you feel vitalized or slooow and heavy? From personal experience I’ll answer for you and say….. mistake city! And feeling like how can I go on when feeling slooow and heavy! Well if one can feel like that after that “mistake muffin” than just imagine how your metabolism feels when trying to process the mistake. It actually work in over drive just to process that thing, most of the time it labels it sugar, therefore it sits becoming fat! Lastly, when making the decision to diet, we can’t keep comparing ourselves to other women, or worse that of the standards of Esau’s (white-man) world either! A special people the Most High call’s us, and a special people indeed we are! Most importantly, we are different as individual women. diet for the right reason like, improving vitality, ability, longevity, overall reason should always become a healthier improved you! NOW  THAT’S GOLD ;).

                       “Health and good estate of body are above all gold, and a

strong body above infinite wealth.” ~Ecclesiasticus 30:15

bye for now Sisters!



  1. Thank you sis for breaking this down so clearly. I will definitely go back and examine my eating habits.

  2. True words of wisdom!! Great article!!

  3. My pleasure! Glad you Sisters liked it!

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