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Getting My Hebrew Israelite Kid Ready For Back-to-School

Not only is it time for school to be in session from late August to June of the following year, but also, the Lord’s Feast Days are upon us.  Since we as women are the helpers of the men in Israel, especially when it comes to tending to the children, our to-do list is about to be full with so many things in so many areas in order to keep order and structure in the home during back-to-school and Feast Season.  No pressure. J

In order to simplify our demanding life a bit I’d like to provide some SOLUTIONS to the homemaker.

Below are some concerns and solutions!!

Vaccination Paperwork Hassle, Other Children’s Viruses and Bacteria!, Food!, It’s Also Feast Season, How to manage all the stuff I must do!

Below is a link to the vaccine affidavit that is a legal bill you may print and submit in place of vaccine record, fill out the bottom and give to doctors, schools, and whoever else needs it:

Preventative care is the use of natural food and supplements to prevent your children from getting virus or bacterial infections.  Outside of telling your children to wash their hands and keep fingers out of the mouth, eyes, nose, and ears, there are three items that boost natural health, even when around sick people.  It’s a tried and true method that has gotten our family through flu season without being affected, of course coupled with righteous behavior. The items are 1000mg of vitamin C daily, ½ clove garlic nightly, and hand sanitizer upon entering the car and/or house.  I usually buy Emergen-C drink for my kids and put it in water and honey solution in the morning, then at night before bedtime they must eat a half a clove garlic with honey.

  • Emergen-C, Garlic, and Hand Sanitizer –
    If you have used these items faithfully and still get affected you can turn to the Lord in prayer, fast, examine, then go to a physician. You will love the results!

on a calendar, write your plan for breakfast lunch and dinner for each day of the month.  If you run out of ideas ask your neighborly sister for an idea or come to this website for recipe ideas.  Then grocery shops for the entire month; even if you don’t stick to the meal plans at least there will be enough food for 3 meals per day for the entire month.  Don’t forget to check out our article of “Motivation to Cook”.

SOLUTION!…It’s Also Feast Season!
Don’t forget to put your order in early with the women of your church that sew, especially if you have a large family.  Also, below is a link to where you can get designer fringes.  And don’t forget to put aside a budget for Feast Fees and Feast Meal Contributions!


Below is a link that can help any Hebrew Israelite Sister become a Time Management Queen! So we may all have joy because of our good success.  Best wishes my sisters and I can’t wait to hear your results.

Do you have any back-to-school concerns/solutions? We’d like to hear about them?


  1. Great solutions!! Thank you!! 🙂

  2. Great solutions!! Thank you!! 🙂

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