Homemade Products – Proper For Passover

During the time of Passover, we are focused on pleasing the Most High God and fulfilling His will by removing all leaven from our homes and bodies. It has been discovered that many more items have leaven then we originally were aware of, like cleaning products, hygiene items, as well as food and candy.

I’m sure one can go to wholefoods to find a natural and organic product that may seem safe for Passover use because of the (u)(k) Kosher symbols, or, you can make it! In this article are a couple yeast and leaven free product ideas you can make at home for cleaning and personal hygiene use.
Lemon Multi-purpose Cleaner




5 Freshly Squeezed Lemons
2 Cups Peroxide
Distilled Water
Industrial Spray Bottle


Prepare: Mix all ingredient together and pour into a spray bottle
Cleanable Surfaces: Tile/Linoleum Counters and Floors, Glass Surfaces, Mirrors, and Walls

Baking Soda-Free Body Powder






1 Cup Corn Starch
Essential oil

Prepare: Mix 1 cup of cornstarch and 3 drops of essential oil of choice, then blend until smooth. (Note: Do not add baking soda during Passover because it is a leavening agent.)


There are tons of other ideas I’m sure, if you have any please share with the Hebrew Israelite homemaker community through the comments section below.

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