Kids Bible Song – “The Old Testament Song”

This song will help your little ones learn all 39 books of the Old Testament before they even begin reading the Bible! Then when it is time to navigate the Bible they may catch on quicker after knowing the order of the books. The song is Sesame Street Style.

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  1. This is a great song! I remeber when I was younger learning this song. I found it very helpful and also catchy to where I can sing it all day long. It definitly is a great way for kids to learn where the books of the bible are located by memory instead of having to use their table of contents.

  2. Thank you Sarai! I miss you and your sibblings being little and singing for the Lord. It was the cutest thing, and wonderful to see the Love for the Lord at such a young age. I hope every generation continues on the same way. 🙂

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