Kid’s Sabbath Day Activity – Ages 8 and Up

Kid’s Sabbath Day Activity; enjoy it with your children too!

Being a mother who is raising Israelite children in these days and times can be rewarding and adventurous. As mothers we teach our kids the law (Josh. 1:8), quiz them, discipline, converse with them, we are also their main source of health, nourishment, and entertainment.  It is a fully loaded job and the opportunities to utilize creativity when doing our job are endless.

When I realized that my children were able to think for themselves and reason according to learned knowledge around the age of 8 years old. (some children have the ability to reason who are younger than 8 years old).  In order to test if their Bible lessons and principals have been effective, and they have an ability to reason according to scriptures, I began this ongoing Sabbath activity called “Approved Movies/Shows”.

Here is how the Sabbath Day Approved Movie activity is done:

First, I choose a movie that I have already seen which has an easily identifiable plot and clearly defined a problem and solution.

Next, I assign the viewing of the movie or show to my kids according to their age and understanding.

Then, have them take out a piece of paper, divide it in half and write unlawful problem on one side and lawful solution on the other side

Finally, they watch the movie or show and we review their results together. (See sample results below)


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