Noah’s Ark Mystery – 30 Days In One Month Tutorial

The Roman calendar is universally known and used in this present day.  In it, some months have 30 days while others have 31 days, and February is just confusing to most people.  Really, how many days should be in a month?  The Most High God has given us everything we need to know from what to celebrate, how to keep our bodies, how to treat our friends and relatives, what to eat, how to conduct business, the type of character we should exude, as well as how many days are in a month; and so much more.

In specific sections of the Noah’s Ark story located in Genesis chapters 7, 8, and 9 the Most High God has put, what is mystery to the world and knowledge to His saints, a mathematical situation that reveals how many days He originally created to be in 1 month.

Our children’s Sabbath class, called  “Ahrayah Gawar”, has been studying this subject matter along with others, and in doing so we learn from our biblical teachers how to reveal the mystery of the 30 day month calculation.

Below is a video tutorial to not only help the Ahrayah Gawar class out, but also our fellow Hebrew Israelite adolescents from 8 years and up, learn how to do this calculation as well.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful:


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