Nutritional Comfort For Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux is an ailment in which there is an over production of stomach acid and the body’s acidity level is imbalanced and in some cases stomach acids rise into the esophagus and causes burning sensations, sometimes vomiting and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Below is a researched chart of good eats that may bring comfort through dietary nutrition to anyone struggling with Acid Reflux, as well as Hebrew Homemakers out there who tend to family members with the ailment.

The chart shows foods to stay away from, and foods that have a low acid reflux trigger, as well as healing foods that are necessary to consume.

My nutritional healing book also suggests to not over-cook vegetables because that will deplete the nutrients. And check the PH in your urine every other day so you will know when to change up the diet a little more extremely.



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