1. Love them both. Sometimes I run out of ideas for Sabbath cooking, I love Potato Salad and your 7-Layer dip but I would never have thought of having this for Sabbath. Can’t wait to try one next Sabbath. (HA finally got your 7-Layer dip recipe) =)

  2. All Praises! Thanks Ruthy, and I hope to see your yummy homemade salsa recipe up here too!

  3. Great ideas for a Sabbath menu! I love your 7 layer dip!! 🙂

  4. @ Parah. Thank you, maybe we can think of a seven layer dessert too!

  5. 7 layer didp is one of my favorite things to eat or make for the sabbath. And it’s different from eating a sandwhich every week. I also love potato salad! i will try to make those things often for the sabbaths.

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