Say No to Fast Food

Say NO to fast food 

Did you know that consuming fast food more than twice a week will drastically increase your chances of developing diabetes and other chronic health problems?  But this isn’t even the half of what is going on. What exactly is in the “fast food”? What are we truly eating?

Here we have the “tasty” chicken McNuggets from McDonalds that children can’t resist as well as some adults.  Now some may say “okay what’s wrong with this?” not knowing how these chicken nuggets are made will answer the question.

This is really what your McNuggets look like:

This is Mechanically separated meat which is a mixture created when the bones and carcass of left over chicken are mixed together in a food processor. So we are consuming old and dead leftover chickens including everything on its body.  This is alarming but this is it.


Now this is Taco Bell’s Doritos Loco Taco:

But this is what the meat looks like before it goes into the taco:

What is this? Only 88 percent of this is “supposedly” beef.  If so, what is the other 12 percent?

Here are McDonalds Golden Fries:

But here they are again years later compared with KFC fries:

Heavy servings of preservatives for that ageless quality look. Sodium propionate is what it’s called. It prevents the look bacterial growth or mold. Our bodies have a huge problem breaking this down.


Now as women of the Most High we can not feed our families these types of food. We have to be virtuous and cook for our households. Even though it may be appealing to go down the street to get a quick meal but it is not worth risking your families lives. Remember a virtuous woman will travel far if she has to get quality food for her family.

Proverbs 31:14 She is like a merchants’ ship; she bringeth her food from afar.

Sirach 30:25 A cheerful and good heart will have a care of his meat and diet.


  1. Thanks for the information! That is so disgusting! How can people have an idea to put these nasty things in food?!

  2. Thanks for the information! That is so disgusting!

  3. Thanks for the understanding and awakening article, I know our household has used the excuse of super-business as a reason to pick up the fast food habit; especially pizza hut, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s our favorites. But before we start using the “too busy” excuse I always cooked planned and cooked all my meals on sunday and froze them to preserve freshness. Then we would heat up and enjoy during the week. But I stumbled away from that good behavior and the result have shown an inflammation of all our households allergies. Although I do wish there is a sister out there that would be willing to make and sell dinners for the super busy Israelite sister, I will just suck it up and get back to healthy basics, and leave the fast food to once in a BLUE MOOn. 😉 Thanks again!

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