Slip Fix

Have you ever had one of those days in which you pull a dress out from your closet at home and hold the dress up to your house lighting and think it is opaque enough to wear outside, only to find out that in the bright sunlight you can see the shadow outline of your legs. Or have you ever had a rushed morning in which your family barely made it out of the house in enough time to be on time and didn’t realize you forgot to put a slip on until you noticed that ever person you pass is staring in between your legs?

As Israelite women the above cases should happen seldom and in a blue moon, however, they have both happened to me, as well as other wardrobe malfunctions that were not even funny until way after the fact.

I thank the Most High God that he judges the intentions of the heart! (Proverbs 17:3) Because I have made some serious wardrobe mistakes, I have sought out some permanent solutions for slips that I may always keep it modest and not get caught slipping.

So what I came up with as a permanent fix is sewing an opaque cotton material to the waistline of all dresses and skirts in our wardrobes.

Step 1 – Find material that is all cotton, long and wide enough to be sewn around the dress and cover your legs.


Step 2 – Turn the dress inside out and pin the material onto the waistline hem. Then sew the fabric to the inside of the dress.


Addition Cleavage Adjustment – You may also take this moment to cut and pin some coordinating fabric to the cleavage area of the dress if the cut is too steep.  (This particular dress was given to me so I had to cover up the deep V-neck as well in order to maintain modesty. 1Tim.2:9)


All Done


  1. Thank you for this. Especially with alot of fabrics that are see through this will really help me out.

  2. Glad to be of service sis! All praises to the Most High for allowing us to share the talents He gave us. 🙂

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