Smothered Curry Chicken

Smothered Curry Chicken is a family favorite recipe for special occasions. It is a savory entree that can be a bit costly and requires an overnight preparation, but the taste is well worth the investment. Hope you make, enjoy, and share this recipe.


3 cups liquid brown gravy

2 pounds of chicken legs

2 cups curry powder

1 cup ground cumin

1 cup onion powder

1 cup garlic granulated

1 stick of butter equal to 1 cup

1 cup grapeseed oil or vegetable oil of choice

1 1/2 cup of water

1/4 cup salt

1/2 cup turmeric

1/2 cup black pepper

1/4 cup red pepper

2 tablespoons oregano

2 tablespoons ginger

2 tablespoons clove

2 tablespoons of lemon lime powder

1 large freezer zip lock bag

1 large skillet

1 medium stock pot

1 large chaffing pans

Marinade preparation

First: Wash the chicken and remove the outer skin
Next: Season the chicken with salt, 1/2 cup cumin, 1/2 cup onion powder, 1/2 cup granulated garlic, 1 cup curry, 2 tablespoons of lemon lime powder
Then: Place seasoned chicken in large freezer bag, pour in 1 cup of water, then seal the bag and place into the refrigerator to marinade over night.


First: Once the chicken has marinated overnight, pour oil into the large skillet on medium heat. Fry the chicken until it has a caramel color.
Next: Pour 1/2 cup of water into the skillet and immediately cover and turn the heat off.
Then: In medium stock pot melt the stick of butter and pour in the remaining ingredients, including the liquid gravy. Whisk all the ingredient together on low heat for 1 minute.
Finally:  Pour semi-fried chicken into large chaffing pan first, the seasoned gravy mixture second, third, cover and place into an oven and let it bake on 375 degrees for 40 minutes.
At Last: Test the thickest leg to make sure the meat is well done all the way to the bone, remove from the oven and serve over rice or as a stand-alone item.


As I mentioned earlier, this dish may be laborious, but well worth the taste and family enjoyment.

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