The meat packing industry, also known as the “Meat packing Plant, Freezing Works and/or The Abattoirs, handles the slaughtering, processing, packaging, and distribution of animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock. The industry is primarily focused on producing meat for human consumption, but it also yields a variety of by-products including hides, feathers, dried blood, and, through the process of rendering, fat such as tallow and protein meals such as meat and bone meal. The simple surface of the meat industry’s responsibilities, but below will give you a deeper view of how the meat industry handles our meat from the stage of raising the animal until it’s considered ready for butchering.

PLEASE NOTE: This video contains graphic violence.

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“A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” ~ Proverbs 12:10

Cruel! Barbaric as too how the animals are handled through the whole process from the moment they are born, raised up and even up until the very moment of death. No respect or common courtesy even!  These animals are exposed to consistent fear, pain, confusion and shock which can yield the animal’s meat unacceptable for consumption.  Naturally under stress a heifer (the female cow) will not produce milk, and the hen will not lay eggs.  The FDA (Food and Drug Administration), does not regard this.  Other methods are practiced.  The female cows are injected with all kinds of hormones forcing her to produce milk and then hooks her up to a pumping machine. All of those hormones and chemicals goes into the cow’s milk, and if nursing a calf, those deadly toxins are being trasfered over to it as well.  The hen likewise is forced to lay her eggs.  The way our forefathers went about this method is in complete opposition. They’d show consideration because we respect the animal’s purpose and our one and only creator for creating such a creation! In a recent article I described how damaging stress is to the human body, due to the consistent secretion of stress hormones.  Just as stress causes damage to the human body, in similar, stress will do the same to the animal.

Antibiotic Resistance

To add insult to injury, the animals are feed grains mixed with antibiotics. Now of course at some natural point an animal may need antibiotics due to sickness or infection caused by bacteria, but this is not the case.  Instead, this method aids a 3% weight gain of the animal in less time. Highly unnatural and even worse, causes a future resistance to antibiotics in the animal  and the consumers that eat the meat of this animal. Recently you may have heard of recalls of a mass amount of meat due to the meat of the animals being sick, which only means the animal already, before butchered, developed resistances to the antibiotics in their feed.  The animals become extremely ill with something so strong that consumers also become sick and even die from eating that batch of meat.

Also to consider…..Have you ever wondered why our young boys and girls at a young age are developing breasts and figures that seem way before their natural stage of puberty? There are a combination of things to blame; like the consumption of this meat, and other defected things in our environment.  Now we too are getting a consistent dose of antibiotics daily! If we are eating to live we must be aware that meat is not our only means of protein.

The Kosher Method

The Hebrew word “Kasheir,” or “Kosher,” means fit or proper. When applied to food, the term indicates that an item is fit for consumption according to Jewish law. The word “Kashruth” refers to the general subject of Kosher food.

In the kosher method the specialist that handles the animal for butchering is called the “Schochet,” a ritual slaughterer. Since Jewish Law prohibits causing any pain to animals, the slaughtering has to be effected in such a way that unconsciousness and death occurs instantaneously.  This is so there is no room for the animal to suffer, preventing the secretion of unwanted hormones to enter into the meat.  After the animal is slaughtered, the Kosher Supervisor and his team treiber the carcass by removing certain forbidden fats and veins. After the meat has been treibered, it is soaked in a bath in room temperature water for a half hour. To draw out the blood, the soaked meat is then placed on special salting tables where it is salted with coarse salt on both sides for one hour.

What is Protein?

Protein is a molecule that is made up of amino acids. Twenty different types of amino acids exist to make up many different structures of protein in the form of chains. Since some of these amino acids cannot be made by your body, they are considered to be essential amino acids. Protein from animal foods is considered complete proteins because they contain all of the essential amino acids needed by your body. Protein from plant sources are incomplete, meaning that these foods only contain some of the essential amino acids that your body needs.

The Importance of Protein

Protein is part of every cell in your body. Protein is a major component of your skin, muscles, organs and glands. Protein is also found in many of your bodily fluids. Protein in your body helps repair your existing cells and construct new ones and is an important component of growth. Different proteins perform different jobs in the body. For instance, your body uses protein to create hemoglobin, an important component in your blood that carries oxygen to where it is needed in your body. Some proteins create cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle.

Alternative Proteins

Now with the understanding of how the Meat Industry abuses the animals which has damaging effect on the animal and the meat that will be rendered from it later, thankfully the Most High gave us alternative proteins. Since plant proteins are incomplete and animal protein is, plant proteins can be combined to become complete. Below is a list of kosher proteins, plant proteins (and suggested uses on how to combine proteins to make them complete), and even a few recipes!

Black Beans: Half a cup of canned black beans have 7.5 grams of protein (most bean actually, but protein varies slightly on the variety).

Suggestion: Utilize perfect protein combinations, such as any beans with rice. Combining the beans with rice or corn will give you the amino acids you get from animal proteins, but most plant-based proteins lack! Magical legumes are superfoods full of fiber, protein, and magnesium and are also low in cholesterol, making them an exceptional replacement for that sirloin. Beans of all kinds work best in soups, salads, veggie burgers, dips, and (of course) burritos.

Quinoa: The only grain known to be a complete protein containing all essential amino acids. While beans need to be combined with other foods to become a perfect protein, quinoa actually contains all the nutrients you would get from eating meat! WHOOP WHOOP!! A quarter cup of uncooked quinoa (which fluffs up to about a cup when cooked) has seven grams of protein!

Nuts: Especially almonds, which have six grams of protein per one-ounce serving).  Also packed with nutrients, fiber and high in GOOD fats.

Lentils: 9 grams per ½ cup, cooked! Yet another protein-packed superfood, lentils are high in folate, iron, potassium, and antioxidants, and they’ve even been linked to reduced inflammation. Lentils come in red and green varieties, and though their countenance might not be visually exciting, these legumes are a versatile protein source: Use them in soups, stews, salads, veggie burgers, dips, and nearly any type of Indian cuisine

Soy Beans: Great alternative also, but should mostly be consumed in their whole form like Tofu and Tempeh. Other product like soy milk and formulas (to name a few) contain high levels of Isoflavones which may irritate estrogen levels in women and children.

DON’T FORGET about Kosher! Lawful meats are better for you prepared kosher method. Google “Kosher Markets” in your area. If you cannot buy from a kosher market try to lessen your consumption of animal protein and substitute with any plant protein of your liking!

This article is simply to inform those unaware of the horrific abuse of the Meat Industry. I am not saying to conform into a vegan, vegetarian for that is up to you, but just sharing information and healthy alternatives. Remember, Esau (The White man) has abused EVERYTHING. In all his wicked abuse, it’s only directed to destroy us, Israel! Obesity, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Immune Deficiency Disorders, Cancer, hormonal  imbalances and list continues to grow in sickness.

Try this!

Roasted Tomato Basil Pesto


I found this recipe on this website and I even hesitated to try due to the color of the pesto, but it taste amazing! Now I’m like, WHATS NEXT! Very excited about trying another recipe For recipe look here>>

You also may like to try this High Protein Vegan Breakfast Burrito for breakfast!

My boys didn’t make a peep while eating this. Recipe here>>>

I hope you find these recipes as yummy as I have and fine using the alternative proteins a no brainer. Also, if any of my sisters have any information to add or tips and/or ideas please share!

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” ~3 John 1:2


  1. It is sad how society has to mess with our food and with the precious animals. Harming them with hormones,abuse, etc. I definitely want to try and start eating more beans and rice to get my proteins, and not so much meat all the time. I also want to try the recipes listed. Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. Makes me wanna go all veggie! Thanks for this informative article sis!

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