Tips on How To Keep Your Scarf On

Have you ever found yourself doing a dance with your scarf during bible class.  It may slip down, then someone tells you to pull it up, or you go to the restroom and as you walk back to your seat tons of eyes are bugged out at you because, you haven’t noticed, your scarf slipped completely off leaving you in transgression of 1 Corinthians 11:6 for a few seconds.  How about when you have a little baby or toddler that can’t keep her head still even when she is asleep and the scarf rolls right on off her head.

Well we know God’s law regarding a woman having her head covered whenever praying or prophesying and we are trying our best, right? Well, we have also discovered a couple of ways to keep the scarf on without fussing with it.  We shared those ways with you in the below video.

Hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful!

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Video Creation Co-Credits: Lashanae and Zemorah


  1. Thanks sis this was very helpful

  2. Very helpful tips. Thank You.

  3. You welcome sisters! All praises to the Most High!

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